April 17th
April 13th
April 12th jake-its-chinatown:

In Marie Antoinette, the men playing guitars are members of the group Phoenix. The lead singer Thomas Mars is the life partner of Sofia Coppola.
April 12th
Anonymous asked: I wanna unfollow you but witnessing your bad decisions in life make me feel better about mine.

Congrads, that’s what I’m here for.

April 12th bienenkiste:

Ph. Lauretta Suter
April 12th
April 12th

Currently on coke while being a classy bitch

April 11th
April 11th girlannachronism:

Makeup from Christian Dior fall 2011 couture 
April 11th
April 4th abigaildonaldson:

Kate Moss by Michael Thompson for W September 1993
April 3rd

Gods & Monsters by Lana Del Rey